Ideas and information for your holiday in Sète

Find ideas to discover Sète, its beaches, its gastronomy…

Sète's famous cemeteries attract many tourists and visitors, in particular to the tombs of the emblematic Sète singer Georges Brassens and the famous poet Paul Valéry. >>>
Tielles, la Giulietta, macaronade, oysters and mussels from the Thau lagoon... let our restaurant recommendations guide you in tasting Sète's many specialities. >>>
Sandy beaches, blue waves, historical monuments and the picturesque districts of Sète... Here you will find some great ideas for visiting Sète and discovering its many facets. >>>
Explore the paths of Mont Saint-Clair on foot and stroll around the traditional villas from the early 19th century, while enjoying breathtaking views of Sète and it surroundings at every turn! >>>
le pouffre place de la mairie Sète
What is "le pouffre"? Sète celebrates octopus through one of its gastronomic specialties: "tielle de pouffre". Discover its Italian origins and moreover, where to buy it! >>>
Fresque de l’artiste américaine Barbara Carrasco peinte sur le mur d’une maison de la Pointe Courte à Sète durant la manifestation artistique Sète-Los Angeles 2019
Take a step back in time and visit the quintessential fishing district, far from the town centre, that has preserved its marks of the past with its picturesque alleys and fishing huts. >>>