Where to find the best beaches in Sète

Often, our guests ask us where the best beaches are in Sète and there is no shortage of good spots to enjoy a day at the beach where you can relax in the sun, sip a cocktail and taste tapas with your feet in the sand. Sète’s numerous beaches offer amenities, such as showers, toilets, restaurants and beach bars while others are more wild and preserved for a more intimate and tranquil atmosphere. Whatever your choice, you will definitely enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Here is a guide to the best beaches in Sète, how to get there, where to park, where to eat and where to get first aid.

Plages de Sète, Plage de la Fontaine
One of the widest beaches in Sète, Plage de la Fontaine

A grand total of 11 beaches spanning 14 km!

A grand total of 11 beaches spanning 14 km!

Sète has a beach for everyone’s taste. Extending from Sète to Marseillan, the beaches are:

La Nau and La Vigie coves, Lazaret beach (entrance no. 1), La Corniche beach (entrances 4 to 11), La Fontaine beach (entrances 12 to 16), Quilles beach (entrance 17), Lido beach (entrances 18 to 24), Baleine beach (entrances 25 to 48), 3 Digues beach (entrances 49 to 62), Jalabert beach (entrances 63 and 64), Castellas beach (entrances 65 to 72), Vassal beach (entrances 73 to 78).

The map below shows the location of the beaches, where to park, and where to find the toilets and lifeguard stations.

Environmentally certified beaches

Environmentally certified beaches

Through the municipality’s effective management of the coastline, Sète has been awarded the highly demanding environmental certification, Pavillon Bleu, for six of its beaches (Lazaret, La Fontaine, Lido, Baleine, 3 Digues and Castellas). Each year, the beaches undergo thorough inspections, covering various aspects, such as site cleanliness, water quality, and the availability of drinking water, facilities and tourist services. The criteria become increasingly stringent over time, reflecting a commitment to maintaining high standards in environmental stewardship.

Walk, cycle or take the bus to Sète’s beaches

Walk, cycle or take the bus to Sète’s beaches

Leave the car and cycle along the cycle path or take the bus lines 3 and 9 from the town centre to one of the numerous beaches. You can even walk to the first coves, Crique de la Nau and La Vigie, in 15-20 minutes from the Théâtre de la Mer.

First-aid stations

First-aid stations

Six lifeguard stations are available for your safety from 11 am to 7 pm from mid-June to the beginning of September:
  • Lazaret beach (entrance 3)
  • La Fontaine beach (entrance 13)
  • Lido beach (entrance 22)
  • Baleine beach (entrance 41)
  • Digues beach (entrance 59)
  • Castellas beach (entrances 68/69)

Beaches accessible to everyone

Beaches accessible to everyone

Many of Sète’s beaches have walkway mats to let people with reduced mobility to enjoy the beach. For safe swimming, the Fontaine and Lido beaches aid stations are equipped with Tiralos (swimming wheelchairs). The equipment is available from in mid-June until mid-September from 11 am until 7 pm.
  • Lazaret beach (entrance 3): Beach accessible by a ramp (slope greater than 5%)
  • La Fontaine beach (entrance 13): Beach equipped with 4 walkway mats, provision of a swimming wheelchair, showers and reduced mobility toilets
  • Lido beach (entrance 22): Beach equipped with 4 walking mats, provision of a swimming wheelchair, showers and  reduced mobility toilets
  • Baleine beach (entrance 41: Beach equipped with a walkway mat
  • Digues beach (entrance 59): Beach equipped with a walkway mat
  • Castellas beach (entrances 68/69): Reduced mobility access

Walk to La Nau and La Vigie beaches from Sète’s town centre

Walk to La Nau and La Vigie beaches from Sète’s town centre

Plages de Sète, parking

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Maréchal Leclerc promenade stretches for 2 km, connecting the center of Sète to the Corniche district and offering a delightful stroll of around 20 minutes from the town centre of Sète. As you approach the end of the promenade near La Corniche district, you’ll come across the charming La Nau Cove (meaning “boat” in Occitan), also known as La Conque, and the La Vigie Coves (referring to the lookout on a ship’s crow’s nest). These coves boast warm, turquoise waters and deeper depths compared to the beaches along the Lido. Set against a backdrop of stunning red rocks, the environment here is distinct from other beaches in Sète with its fine sand and captivating scenery.

Plages de Sète, Crique de la Nau et Crique de la Vigie
The three coves of Crique de la Nau et Crique de la Vigie

The largest cove is La Vigie Cove, separated in two by a rock and accessible by passing through the holiday residences on Rue de Savoie; the smaller one is Nau Cove, often misspelled Anau, which is closer to the town and accessible by stairs from Maréchal Leclerc promenade. As an antedote, these coves are the favourite bathing spot of Sète’s Quartier Haut residents, and just a 20-minute walk from our holiday home, Le Pouffre!

The coves are unsupervised, there is no first-aid station and dogs are not allowed from 1 June to 30 September. A reasonably priced car park is situated on Maréchal Leclerc promenade, just above the coves. Bus lines 3 and 9 go from Passage des Dauphins bus stop in the town centre to Crique de la Nau bus stop.

Enjoy all the facilities of La Corniche beaches

Enjoy all the facilities of La Corniche beaches

     Plages de Sète, parking 

Also accessible on foot from the town centre are Lazaret beach and La Corniche beach, about a 20-minute walk from the Théâtre de la Mer along the Maréchal Leclerc promenade. You can also take bus line 3 to the Joliot Curie stop and bus line 9 to the Lazaret bus stop from the town centre. If you are driving, you can park for free in the streets behind the beaches.

Plages de Sète, Plage de la La Corniche Plage du Lazaret
La Corniche beach extending to Lazaret beach in the direction of Sète's town centre

Lazaret Beach

Lazaret Beach (entrance 1) is the first of the stretch of beaches towards Marseillan. It is a little over 100 metres long and 50 metres wide and has the same name as the holiday village directly behind the beach, founded in 1865 by the Reformed Church of Sète. This is a favourite beach in Sète due to its proximity to La Corniche district  and the gentle slope of the beach into the sea, which makes it a good choice for children. A rocky jetty extends from the sand; it is popular with diving enthusiasts, who explore the rich marine life underwater. Lazaret Beach offers disabled access and a lifeguard station in the summer.

La Corniche Beach

The next beach along is La Corniche Beach (entrances 4 to 11) at the beginning of La Corniche promenade, near the Quilles canal and the Sète stadium. This wide, sandy beach hosts two coves about 200 metres wide and is protected by a large dike. In summer, there are several restaurants on the beach and a playground for children. On the right side of this beach, there is the Base Nautique Françoise Pascal Nautical Centre and an area reserved for windsurfing and kite surfing. An access ramp is provided for people with reduced mobility.

12 km of beaches between the sea and the lagoon

12 km of beaches between the sea and the lagoon

    Plages de Sète, parking 

From La Fontaine beach to Vassal beach, seven beaches extend along a strip called the Lido, which separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Thau Lagoon. This 12 km-long narrow band connects Sète to Marseillan on land of the former salt Villeroy salt marshes, which now belong to France’s Conservatoire du Littoral (CDL), and the famous Listel vineyards. The area has been the subject of a vast sustainable development project to preserve Sète’s beaches, which are entirely accessible by a cycle path from the town though the dunes to Marseillan where cycling enthusiasts can begin the journey along the Canal du Midi towards Toulouse.

You can take bus lines 3 and 9 from the town centre. There are also large, paid (1 May to 30 September) car parks along the Lido.


La Fontaine beach

La Fontaine beach (entrances 12 to 16) starts from the nautical base and its small dock. The beach is separated into smaller ones by dikes and is very large, so you are unlikely to feel crowded. Children can swim safely as the water is shallow for a long distance. There is a lifeguard station nearby just in case, and there are plenty of shops right across the street. It is equipped with a volleyball net, toilets, and showers. Paid parking spaces are available in the streets leading to the beach, but you can find free spaces in the streets a little further away.

Quilles beach

Quilles beach (entrance 17) is located to the right of the canal and the port bearing the same name. Small, bordered by dunes and protected by rock dykes, you can swim here in peace. Free parking and disabled-accessible facilities are available.

Lido beach

Lido beach (entrances 18 to 24), named after the strip of land connecting Sète to Marseillan between Mediterranean Sea and the Thau Lagoon, is situated on the Lido promenade. The supervised beach with its lifeguard station is located at access no. 22 with access for people with reduced mobility. At entrance 20, you will find several restaurants, a large car park and a playground for children. In summer, there are two beach huts on the sand, one a restaurant and the other for mattress rentals. A catering area is also provided as well as showers and toilets.


Baleine beach 

Baleine Beach in Sète extends along the pedestrian promenade towards Marseillan. A total of 20 entrances are available, from 25 to 45 with entrances 25 and 43 having access for people with reduced mobility. Baleine beach is only supervised at entrance 41. The site is very pleasant with small dunes, large stretches of sand and a good view of Mont Saint Clair. Note that in some areas, there are submerged rocks, for example, at entrance 28. In summer, there is a beach hut. Note that there is a kite surfing area on this beach (entrances 26 and 27).

Les 3 Digues beach

Further along the lido is the 3 Digues beach, which is a great kite surfing and snorkelling spot. This very long beach set in the dunes has toilets, showers and bike parking and drinking water. The beach is supervised by a lifeguard station. The beach has free parking behind the paid campervan car park.


Jalabert beach

Situated at entrance 63, Jalabert beach is a beautiful naturist beach, away from car parks, and ideal for peace and quiet. This beach is only accessible on foot or by bike. If you are travelling by car, you can park at Les 3 Digues or Castellas beaches. Cycling is the best option to access this beach.  It is undoubtedly the beach that offers the wildest environment in Sète, with a highly developed dune area.

Castellas beach

Probably the busiest beach in Sète as the Castellas campsite is just behind it, Castellas beach (entrances 65 to 72) is expansive and ideal for walking, running and sunbathing. Closer to Marseillan (4 km) than Sète (10 km). The beach is supervised and has a very gentle slope into the water, just perfect for children! Plenty of activities are available such as pedal boating, jet skiing and towed buoy, in the summer.

Vassal beach: enjoy the beach with your dog

Vassal beach: enjoy the beach with your dog 

If you are looking for a beach where you can bring your furry friend during your holiday in Sète, Vassal beach between entrances 72 and 73 is accessible to dogs all year. Park at the Castellas public car park and go to entrances 72 at the end of the parking area and enjoy a day of swimming with your dog in this designated area.

Other beaches in Sète welcome dogs on a leash from 1 October to 31 May, except Jalabert beach (entrances 62 to 65) to protect the nesting grounds of migratory birds, which inhabit the area during this period.


Beach restaurants

Beach restaurants

    Plages de Sète, parking 

Whatever your tastes and desires, you can discover all the specialties of the Thau archipelago on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the beach restaurants and huts.

La Praia

La Corniche beach access 5 Unique cuisine, tinged with exoticism: prices from 5 to 20€ (Tapas – Starters – Main courses – Desserts). Catering on the go – Paninis and Sandwiches from 3 to 5€.

Les Pieds Dans Le Sable

La Corniche Beach Access 8 Imbued with chic and bohemian influences, this timeless place offers fragrant and natural seafood cuisine. Come and experience a moment of suspended time…

La Voile Rouge

Route du Lido access 15 Beach restaurant located on Trois Digues beach, between Sète and Marseillan-Plage. Mediterranean specialties, fish and salads. Deckchair rental.

La Ola

201 Promenade du Lido Access 17 Fish restaurant, Mediterranean and Sète specialties. Card from €9 to €24. Bowling alley, musical entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays. Parasol deckchair rental.

Le Canopée

361 Promenade du Lido Access 21 A chic atmosphere, natural decor and light wood. Simple and exotic cabine. Catering based on fresh produce. Cocktail menu.

Le Cabanon de la Plage

Baleine beach (entrance 24) Chic and authentic hut with Mediterranean cuisine based on seafood: fish, prawns, seafood… A relaxing and exotic setting.

La Parenthèse

Baleine Beach Access 23 Your new beach in Sète, nestled between Mont St Clair and Les Salins, a timeless place to enjoy moments with family or friends in a natural and friendly setting…
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